Leadership Structure in Rotary

All Rotary Clubs are directly affliated to the Rotary International which is head quartered at Evanston, Illions in US. There are close to 35,000 rotary clubs in more than 200 countries.

Rotary International is headed by Rotary International President.

For ease of administration, rotary clubs are clubbed together into various Rotary Districts. These districts are setup regionally and they acts as a representative of Rotary International. The rotary districts are headed by Rotary District Governors.

Rotary Clubs have a strong leadership structure to take care of many aspects of a rotary club. A rotary club is headed by Rotary Club President and is supported by club secretary, club treasurer and a board of directors. Each club has the freedom to structure their board based on the requirments of Rotary and the focus areas of the individual club. On an average, a club can have a board consisting of 10-15 members, who support the club president in achieving the goals of a club.

In Rotary leadership changes every year, except in some administration positions. To ensure the operations are not effected by the constant change in leadership, an extensive training is provided to the leadership and board members at all levels. This training is provided more than 1 year in advance. Also to ensure continuity immediate past leadership is made part of the board.