Rotary in Action

What Rotary does?



Rotary connects people

It unites more than a million people all over the world who are members of more than 35,000 rotary clubs operating in more then 200 countries.



It transforms communities

More than 16 millions volunteer hours every year are spent taking action gobally and locally. Its members continuously persever to deliver real, lasting solutions.



It solves problems - No challenge is too big for it

2.5 billions children are immunized against polio. For more than 110 years, rotary continues to connect people, accept challenges, to fight illiteracy and poverty, promote health and sanitation, and fight disease.

Rotary Club of Millennium City

Established in 1994, the club in its 25 years of history has done many social services in the societies in and around Navi Mumbai. It focusses on medical and health related aspects, childrens edcuation, women empowerment, environment and many other areas.

Its Members

The members of the club belong to various professions and businesses. They are highly knowledgable, resourceful, and leaders in their own profession. This gives its members a unique opportunity to connect with these people as an equal, work like an equal and form an everlasting friendship.

Club focus areas

Thalassemia Support

This is our flaghip project which the club has been doing since more than 10 years now. Our club had established a thalassemia day care center in NMMC's municipal hospital in Vashi which provides free blood transfusion to more than 50 children.

Jeevan Kiran Center

This is a center for visually impaired which our club had started in NMMC's ETC center for disability. At this center visually impared children are taught breille language and are tutored so that they can attend regular schools.

Health and Medical

Through out the year our club conducts various medical camps for the benefit of that section of the society who are economically struggling. We conduct eye check ups, thalassemia check ups, full health check ups, dental check ups etc.

Blood donation camps

Children suffering from thalassemia need blood externally all through their life. Round the year, our club conducts various blood donation camps in colleges and various other locations so that free blood can be given to the children in need.


Keeping our environment clean is one of the main areas of focus in Rotary. Our club regularly participates in tree plantation drives every year. At various other times, it also participates in environmental education projects.

National Emergencies

Our club is always ready to support the society in any way it can no matter the situation. From the heavy floods in Kerala to the COVID-19, our members have always supported both as volunteers and through raising funds.